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Mutant Leather

Mutant Leather is our established system for creating digital quality images on the surface of leather, graphically enhancing the evolution of this wonderful material we know as leather. It offers ultimate possibilities in the hands of designers, and has been extensively used for both prototyping samples and factory runs by numerous brands and fashion houses.

It is a complete system, that has been developed in house, beyond what has been seen before. As leather technologists, we realised that current digital printing systems suffer from many issues, in particular the longer-term flexibility and durability. The Mutant Leather system overcomes these issues, and is capable of even printing gloving leather.

Our system allows the inks to fuse within the fibre structure, which provides a permanent effect, and the colours exhibit superior ageing resistance. The physical performance properties have been engineered to ensure it can stand up to the punishment of use in products that get some abuse, football boots being a great example and our chosen testbed.

Below is a brief overview of just a few of the performance specifications, although it should be pointed out that these are also influenced by the leather type and finishing systems and leathers that are used:

  • Abrasion Resistance: Taber (500g H22) - 500 cycles without damage
  • Adhesion of Finish (N/cm) - 6 Dry, 6 Wet
  • Flex Resistance: Bally Flexometer - 150,000 flexes (Dry), 100,000 flexes (Wet)
  • Lightfastness - 4

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