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Advanced Liquid Cleaner

The Dr Leather Advanced Liquid Cleaner features a water based formulation that was developed using our extensive knowledge of how leather is made and the coating technologies used by tanneries around the world. It is specifically designed to clean the all-important topcoat applied to the leather, removing dirt and soiling in a gentle manner. Typical application techniques are used, with the liquid cleaner being sprayed onto an applicator cloth or directly to the leather surface and then gently worked over the areas to be cleaned. Then with a clean lint-free cloth simply wipe over the cleaned areas. Depending upon the extent of cleaning required, a second application may be necessary.

The products are currently sold in 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litre sizes, although larger container sizes are available upon request. If you would like to become a reseller of our product please get in touch.

Please note, our cleaning products are only designed for pigmented leathers and are not suitable for aniline, suede, nubuck or semi-aniline leather types.

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