Materials Testing is critical to ensuring quality and diagnosing production faults. Allow us to help you keep control.

Materials physical testing is critical to ensure quality assurance aspects of all leathers and materials used in leather related products. Whilst most tanneries offer quality control certification with their delivered products, it can often be helpful to have their products independently benchmarked and tested in an alternate laboratory. Dr Leather is able to offer a number of testing options to assist with this, from colour fastness testing to strength based physical properties. Whilst we are not an accredited laboratory, our test methods are completed exactly to standard procedures as specified by SLTC, ISO, ASTM, etc methodologies. Furthermore we are able to give expert advice on potential modes of failure, and provide options and solutions to remedy these issues. Our testing is extremely well priced compared to accredited laboratories, and we would love to hear from brands, designers and developers, manufacturers and consumersĀ in order to help you with any leather issues related to physical properties.