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Fire Retardant Leather Chemicals

Fire retardance is a technology that is essential in so many final products especially in aviation, mass public transportation and emergency services. Our chemical technology allows the fibres to be treated with special compounds that not only causes the formation of an intumescent compound to be generated upon exposure to the flame, but also releases CO2 and H2O to limit the propagation of the flame. But most importantly they are low in halogen content to avoid corrosion issues.

We can advise on the other aspects of the tannage and retannage processing to ensure that the fire retardance process is not compromised in any way.

Furthermore, we can provide expertise on the other important factor of thermal dimensional stability that has to be jointly considered with fire retardance. This is particularly important in the creation of fire retardant gloving leathers.

Our technologies can assist in generating leathers to pass the following tests:

  • EN 407 6.3 (from 0.65mm substance upwards)
  • ASTM D64213 (FM5903)
  • FAR JAR CS 25.853 Appx F Part (i) 60 seconds
  • FAR JAR CS 25.853 Appx F Part (ii) 12 seconds
  • FAR JAR CS 25.853 Appx F, Part (iv) Heat Release Rate Test
  • BS 6853: 1999

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