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  • Our core expertise lies in the technical and scientific aspects of the leather creation process, from raw through to finished leather. Our extensive knowledge of chemistries and processes can yield significantly improved leathers.
  • In-house development facility that encompasses wet-end and finishing (coatings) for new product development under strict secrecy. Our services will deliver to you the leather industry knowledge you need, to ensure successful outcomes.
  • We provide an analysis and testing service to understand current leather issues, especially when the leather you are purchasing does not appear to be meeting test specifications or is generally not performing correctly.
  • Extensive range of laboratory equipment where we can complete multiple physical property tests, to understand and offer solutions for leather related queries. We can also test synthetics and textiles, providing a broader range of services to you. Our Materials Testing page details our testing capability.
  • Our experience allows us to offer expert witness testimony’s either in person or through written reports, providing credence to your case and presents the facts in a logical manner.
  • We offer a leather procurement service, allowing you a streamlined route to sourcing the leathers you really need. Start-up brands typically utilise this service, knowing that they will be provided with the best leathers for their products at the right price.

Leather consultancy

Leather consultancy. Improve your products, technology and understanding allowing us to help you create a competitive advantage.