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Athletic Footwear

The processing of athletic upper leathers for sports such as soccer, rugby, golf, to name a few, requires a number of technical features generated at both the retannage and finishing stages of manufacture.

We have a lot of experience in creating such leathers on a wide range of raw material bases, from kangaroo through to bovine. Our specially selected chemistries work in harmony in a finely tuned process to provide leathers with softness and foot moldability for comfort and feel, enhanced tensile and tear strength for high durability, high levels of water resistance to avoid unnecessary increase in weight in wet conditions and superior colour fastness for longevity of looks.

Our finishing systems provide outstanding adhesion, flexibility and durability characteristics, allowing the leather to surpass the physical testing requirements of major brands. Furthermore, we have access to bespoke colour effect pigments which allow you to match every colour those designers can throw at you.

Leather consultancy

Leather consultancy. Improve your products, technology and understanding allowing us to help you create a competitive advantage.