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Thermal Camouflaging Technology

We all know that dark colours are usually problematic in the sun as they heat up considerably more than white, pastel and metallic colours. But, we also know that people still love black and dark coloured products as they can be practical on other level. But there is an answer. 

Thermal Camouflaging Technology generally relies upon specific IR reflecting pigments, that only absorb the visible light portion of the entire wavelength of light. But we haven’t stopped there. Our technology enhances these products to create an even higher performance through the use of two additional technologies in the tannage of the leather, and consequently the leather reflects the majority of the ultraviolet and, more importantly, the infrared portion of light.

Ultimately this allows a significant reduction in the temperature build up of the leather and performs as though it were a white leather. A secondary effect is that the longevity of the leather is increased due to the leather remaining at lower temperatures, and thus not being exerted to temperatures that will cause the drying out of the leather and potential dimension shrinkage. 

This technology can be upgraded further through the use of other thermal management technologies we possess. This means that this leather is particularly suited to all products that will be heavily exposed to sunlight such as automotive seats, motorcycle apparel, and other products that are desired in black or dark colours.

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